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Inform-IT, Knowledge Center for Service Management, focuses on the development, promotion and distribution of knowledge in the field of IT (Service) Management. Its core business is developing IT Management books, conferences and knowledge portals. Over 70 different titles have been published under Inform-IT's editorial guidance, in up to 17 languages.

Inform-IT works with thousands of expert authors and reviewers from all over the world, and cooperates with member-based or not-for-profit organizations like itSMF, ISACA and EXIN.

PDCA for ITIL® - downloadable PDF

Numerous organisations spend their energy and funding on implementing ITIL practices. Most of them spend their time reinventing a wheel that was already created many times before in previous ITIL expeditions. If you're facing this challenge, you'll be interested in avoiding excessive cost. Although plenty of external guidance is available in the form of ITIL consultancies, you'll need to have a decent idea of what to expect in the course of your own ITIL expedition before you go for it.


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