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About Us

International Best Practice (IBP) is a framework-neutral, independent imprint of best-practice solutions. We source, create and publish guidance which improves business processes and efficiency. We deliver an ever-expanding range of best-practice guidance and frameworks to over 160 countries worldwide. Our current range includes publications in these subject areas:

  • Agile
  • Change management
  • IT service management
  • Project management
  • Benefit management
  • Business and IT management.

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A Practical Guide to Project Planning
A Step-by-step Approach


No matter which project management framework you are using, effective planning is crucial for success. This publication leads you through each stage of planning to create and implement a successful project plan. It describes the various roles, techniques and responsibilities of planning and readers are taken through a case example throughout the book to show best-practice at work.

Key features

  • Available as print and PDF
  • A practical guide on planning for project managers who want to deliver success
  • Relates to any framework of project management
  • Each chapter includes techniques, examples and highlighted tips
  • Readers are led through simple and complex case examples bringing project planning to life
  • The appendices include a list of project plans and a project plan summary
  • Written by a highly experienced author

Valuing Agile - PDF
The Financial Management of Agile Projects


By focusing on the financial and accounting aspects of Agile, this title offers a simple, direct and practical guide for those working as PMOs. It also applies to project sponsors, risk managers and anyone else who shares an interest in the profitability of new and ongoing projects.

Key features

  • Available as a PDF
  • Covers such topics as the impact of Agile on ROI, the practicalities of financial decisionmaking, reporting of value and benefits realization and the management of financial uncertainty in Agile projects
  • Concepts and techniques are illustrated using worked examples and real-life case studies
  • Methodologies that embrace both Agile product development (eg SCRUM) and project management (eg DSDM) feature prominently throughout the title
  • Appeals primarily to the Agile practitioner who needs to learn about financial management in projects and also financial planners who must understand how their techniques apply in the context of Agile projects.

Service Management Online
Creating a Successful Service
Request Catalogue


This title is a practical guide in designing and constructing the request-architecture required to create successful online services for business.

Key features

  • Available as print and PDF
  • The first title within this subject area
  • A practical guide to design and build a service request catalogue, written by the expert in this field
  • Topics include integrating governance, tool considerations and catalogue measurement and improvement
  • Appeals primarily to IT service managers, IT service desk owners, business owners and service desk operators.

Understanding Agile
A Guide for Managers


The title provides practical guidance about how to introduce sustainable Agile approaches into organizations, but in a way that will satisfy governance and other business requirements.

Key features

  • Available as print and PDF
  • A practical and easy-to-digest guide which demystifies Agile approaches
  • Outlines the essential tools and techniques of an Agile approach
  • Compares Agile to other traditional approaches such as ‘waterfall'
  • Provides details about how Agile can improve the business outcome
  • Appeals to both executives and managers who want an understanding of Agile, its fundamental concepts and how to implement and govern it.

A Practical Guide to Problem Management


This title provides a practical approach to implementing problem management and linking it to other ITSM processes. In addition to being a definitive and easy-to-read guide that covers a range of simple to complex processes, it also presents real life cases and an Appendix of tools that can be of direct use to the reader.

Key features

  • Available as PDF
  • Highlights industry best practices related to problem management
  • Demonstrates how the theory can be applied and implemented in real-life situations
  • Links problem management to other IT service management processes
  • Ideal for IT professionals in a technical, managerial or operational roles
  • Content is aligned to the HDI certification course on problem management
  • Templates in the Appendix offer a practical resource

IT Change Management A Practitioner's Guide


This title is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand how IT change management can be implemented and put into practice within the workplace. It bridges the gap between best practice training and the realities faced in real world implementation.

Key features

  • Learn to effectively manage IT changes
  • Solve real world challenges of implementing IT change management
  • Focus on outcomes and business value rather than process
  • Adopt and adapt change management principles to your needs
  • Gain (and maintain) organizational support process
  • Address cultural concerns (through organizational change management)

Performance-driven IT

Charles Araujo

Performance-driven IT forces you to rethink how we use the data that we are swamped with every day. 'Too much information' is a common cry in business and this title makes a compelling case for reviewing available data sets.

Key features

  • Looks into how metrics can drive organizational change and improvement in service delivery
  • Illustrates utilizing service management statistics for success
  • Puts the IT function into a strategic business context
  • Delivers real-life examples and sets out the methods and processes by which an organization can achieve key transformations

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