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MSP® Survival Guide For Senior Responsible Owners

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Rod Sowden, Nick Carter
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MSP Survival Guide for Senior Responsible Owners (SRO's) focuses on what a leader should do. It covers the topics in the MSP guide, but provides you with pointers rather than detail. Whether you are new to programme management or programme sponsorship, you will find something of use with this guide.

The publication focuses on translating the MSP framework into reality for the SRO's recognizing the extreme pressures they live with and help them to bridge the gap between the expertise that has taken them to the top of their profession and what they need to do to excel as an SRO.

Key Features

  • Simple, direct and practical recommendations for SRO's written by SRO experts who offer practical and easy to read guidance

  • Includes a chapter, introducing programme management and why the SRO role is so important

  • Every chapter has "Magnificent Seven" tips, so if you read no further than these, you will benefit from key practical points

  • Explains the nature of SRO relationships with the other key roles and how their responsibilities develop.

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