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Directing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 Review by Rachel Dunscombe, Head of Service Management - NHS North West

managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2
Having worked in and around projects in the public and private sector for over 14 years, I have learnt that approaches to defining the who, where, why and what of projects has varied enormously which is why I am very glad to see the publication of Directing Successful Projects with PRINCE2.

For me there has always been a gap in assisting the project board and wider senior management in understanding unambiguously their roles and the roles of those involved in the project. 'Directing Successful Projects with PRINCE2' allows organizations to clearly define roles and responsibilities and integrate with job roles, personal reviews, objectives and in the wider world the likes of balanced scorecard. The material is concise, clear and can be easily used as a reference guide making it an ideal purchase for senior players in any organization. Previously I have looked at sending senior managers and sponsor on PRINCE2 introductions with much resistance - this title bridges the gap in knowledge that is needed.

The publication contains chapters on each element of the project life as well as product descriptions, governance principals, roles and responsibilities and a comprehensive glossary. The sample agendas for meetings also provide assistance with the day to day activities associated with directing the project. I was particularly pleased to see a focus on benefits and tailoring of PRINCE2.

Senior players in an organization are benefits focused and the title clearly outlines the framework that should be used to quantify and review the benefits for the project. The section on tailoring provides guidance on how to apply PRINCE2 to projects and organizations of varying complexity and maturity. A reoccurring theme throughout is leadership skills and the level to which various roles will be required to display these. The material also addresses the frequently asked questions about how PRINCE2 relates to other standards such as MSP and ITIL.

I would conclude that organizations should equip all senior project board members who have not had significant exposure to PRINCE2 with 'Directing Successful Projects with PRINCE2'. It will answer their questions, give them a view of how they will structure the project and will give them confidence in tailoring elements of the project. It also gives invaluable tips on how to choose the project team and project manager on whom the success of the project will depend.

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