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Agile is an alternative to traditional project management. It is now an established methodology used to cope with change and uncertainty that has proved popular in product development and project management across a wide range of sectors.

Valuing Agile - PDF

By focusing on the financial and accounting aspects of Agile, this title offers a simple, direct and practical guide for those working as PMOs. It also applies to project sponsors, risk managers and anyone else who shares an interest in the profitability of new and ongoing projects.

Valuing Agile (PDF)

Understanding Agile - A Guide for Managers

Understanding Agile is a practical guide for managers who are currently working in an Agile environment or have plans to adopt an Agile methodology within their organization. This guide describes what Agile means, its benefits and pitfalls, and the difference between Agile and the more traditional Waterfall approach.

Understanding Agile - A Guide for Managers (Book)

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