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Phyllis Drucker's IT service management knowledge and experience shines through in this publication. The text does an excellent job of defining Service Request Catalog-related terms and concepts. Perhaps more importantly, it surrounds those concepts with realworld examples and practical advice.

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Phyllis has given us a great outline for taking a Service Catalogue from a static collection of service artefacts and extending their utility into an actionable Service Request Catalogue. If you haven't fully developed your Service Catalogue, this resource can help you progress that effort as well. She highlights the most important considerations as well as common pitfalls and offers useful solutions.

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This book affirms my favoured practice where IT and enterprise come together. This book follows the journey where process and technology combine to optimize business outcome. Reading it is as if you are on a consultancy job, with Phyllis leading you through the various stages; tricky details and principles are explained; simple and elusive counter -intuitive concepts are realized. Content is mostly tool agnostic and flexible enough to implement through adaptation and agility. It is also a thorough endorsement of th e need to learn and collaborate with business to build the catalogue. Although focused on producing a Service Request Catalogue there is enough here to integrate with an enterprise perspective and to engage with strategy and design to cover the service portfolio. I'm actually looking forward to my next catalogue engagement now that I have this book as my companion.

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Whether you are starting on your service request catalogue journey or looking to improve your existing service request catalogue - STOP NOW - read this book first.

This publication will avoid you making the same mistakes I have seen so many organisations regarding service request catalogues.

This is a concise and pragmatic guide to creating a successful online customer experience.

More and more organisations are being asked to do more with less and that drives the need for self-service and automated request fulfilment.

This book will ensure the need will be provisioned successfully.

Phyllis Drucker has filled a massive gap in the guidance needed for successful implementations and on-going improvement.

Phyllis firstly removes the confusion between the service catalogue and the service request catalogue. Hallelujah!

She describes how we should think 'portal' rather than catalogue and how we should be thinking along the lines of a shopping experience like that with Amazon. We need to provide experiences that our employees are used to getting when they shop on the Internet at home.

Phyllis talks about the enterprise service request catalogue not just an IT service request catalogue. A 'single pane of glass' to services regardless of whom in the organisation (or outside the organisation) is fulfilling those services.

The book includes common pitfalls and how to avoid them. It contains great samples and examples that bring the text to life.

There are templates to help get started. The step-by-step approach to achieve an enterprise service portal that is well designed and easy to use, is described in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.

There is guidance on tool selection and how to measure the success of the catalogue.

If I thought there was anything missing from this book, I would say 'organisational change management' but I would say that - it should be in every book that changes the way in which people work!

Even as a well-seasoned service management professional, I learnt a lot from reading this book.

I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Well-done Phyllis. Great job.

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