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Designing and Transforming IT Organizations by Job Ten Hagen - Publication Reviews

'Designing and Transforming IT Organizations' is the introduction book to a series of (initially) six books that will provide background considerations, theory, instructions, and practical guidance for setting up organization structures in the context of improvement projects.

The areas to be covered range from designing and transforming IT organizations in general, to detailed guidance on organizing service level management, change management, incident management, application management and security management.

'Designing and Transforming IT Organizations' is available in the IBP shop

Review by Samantha Plescia, Architecture and Strategy Consultant at Strategic Solution Architects, Johannesburg, South Africa

I enjoyed reading this well-researched book which serves as an introduction to a series of books on organization design and organization change, aimed at supporting IT managers in their daily practice and projects. Topics addressed in the book are outlined in a reference model; the first reference model that I've seen that gives specific attention to the human factor aspect in this context....more

Review by Alexei Proskura, Security Strategy and GRC Adviser at Auspicatus Consulting, Prague, Czech Republic

This book by Job Ten Hagen sheds the light on the topic that often stays in the shadows when the IT management is discussed. While many books are written on the technical or procedural side of IT transformation in the organization, the topic of organizational transformation of the IT service itself is raised at best as the concept of 'people make the difference'. This book is one of the very few that goes into details of how to plan for and build effective and efficient IT Service Management (ITSM) structure....more

Review by Claire F Brereton FACS GAICD, Brereton Consulting, Australia

This book would be a great reference volume for anyone who directs, manages or consults to IT organizations, or for anyone who is involved in organizational design who wishes to understand more about IT organizations. The reference model which shows the topics and structure of the book contains an important set of core concepts, and I found myself going back to it several times to give context to the chapters....more

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