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Mobipocket e-books are no longer available from TSO. If you purchased a Mobipocket e-book from TSO prior to 31 March 2012, the copy will remain available on your device.


Core and complementary publications are available as e-books. We currently offer two formats, PDF and e-pub, which are compatible with most e-reader devices.

  • PDF - a PDF offers full search facilities and flexibility. Files can be used on up to six devices with the same Adobe ID, so you can access your e-books in the office, at home, on a compatible e-reader, on your Android or Apple tablet and even on your mobile phone through a compatible app. A full list of supported devices and compatible apps is available at PDF e-books are restricted to a single user through adobe digital editions digital rights management (DRM) and cannot be shared.Functionality includes voice reading software and powerful mark-up including the ability to add bookmarks, comments and highlight text. A full list of features is available at
  • E-pub - e-pub e-books are available for a number of publications through all major e-sellers including Apple iBooks, Nook, Kobo and Amazon Kindle stores. Please refer to your e-reader user's guide for details of features.

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