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5th Edition

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Browse the contents and introduction of Directing Successful Projects with PRINCE2.

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PRINCE2® (Projects in a Controlled Environment) is part of the Global Best Practice suite of publications, which helps organizations and individuals manage their projects, programmes and services consistently and effectively. It is a structured project management method based on experience drawn from thousands of project practitioners sponsors, trainers, and academics worldwide.

Directing Successful Projects with PRINCE2® is for senior managers and project board members seeking best-practice guidance on how to oversee projects being managed using PRINCE2.

As PRINCE2 is a flexible method that can easily be tailored for specific projects and industries, this publication is designed as a useful reference for anyone sponsoring or directing a project, from any industry. It covers the entire role of senior managers throughout the project lifecycle, from starting up a project to authorizing project closure; including useful documentation and checklists for project board members.

Key benefits

  • Describes the role and activities of the project board

  • Includes real-world examples and illustrations in each chapter

  • Defines all acronyms and terms used

  • Contains appendices on the following topics:

    • Product description outlines

    • Governance

    • Roles and responsibilities

Directing Successful Projects with PRINCE2® is primarily designed for project sponsors and project board members. Its companion publication, Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2® (ISBN 9780113310593), is designed for all project professionals at every level of knowledge and experience.

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