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Greening Service Management downloadable PDF

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This downloadable PDF addresses the challenge and shows how organisations can use service management to reduce the environmental impact of IT as well as reducing costs at the same time.

Whilst most organisations are addressing the environmental impact of IT through data centre consolidation, virtualisation, cloud computing and so on, the ones having the biggest impact are those realising that it is improvement in workflow and processes that will have the greatest impact.

Key features

  • Introduction - an overview of the publication's contents, the context of the publication and the intended audience.

  • Changing our Current Viewpoint - is there really a need to act? And if so, at what levels and timescales? Who and what will be the key drivers for change to occur?

  • The Role of Governance - how and where does governance play a part in achieving environmental change?

  • Where to Start - practical advice on how to make a start on addressing the issues confronted by organisations.

Extent 318 pages ISBN 9780117080591
Size 11.55Mb Price £35.00
Format Downloadable PDF Format help (opens in new window) Published 20 Dec 2012
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