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The ISM Method: Past, Present and Future of IT Service Management

Wim Hoving, Jan van Bon
TSO (The Stationery Office)
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The book 'The ISM Method: Past, Present and Future of IT Service Management' describes a revolutionary approach on how to successfully implement IT service management (ITSM) in an easier, faster, cheaper, and especially more effective way.

In the book, the lessons of 30 years are used to put an end to the chaos and complexity of ineffective ITSM projects. Based on simple paradigms, a single and compact solution is described for the integrated service management with People, Process and Product. This is not achieved by setting ITIL or ASL aside, but by rearranging the many valuable elements of these frameworks into a simple logical structure, and filling the gaps. Although the paradigms are explained extensively in the book, the solution is very practical and has been proven in recent years in dozens of projects with small and large organizations.

This publication describes the implementation method, with a strong focus on quality assurance and cultural change, a comprehensive definition list, and an example of a compact process model.

Key features:

  • ITSM can be implemented in a very short period (within 3 months)

  • Project costs can be reduced by 40-60%

  • Six processes are enough to get in control of ITSM

  • Improvement investments will have a lasting result.

Extent 371 pages ISBN 9780117081062
Size 170mm x 240mm Price £35.00
Format Paperback Published 29 Nov 2012
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