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Creating and Driving Service Excellence Downloadable PDF

An Executive's Guide to IT Service Management

Sharon Taylor
TSO (The Stationery Office)
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For over 20 years IT Service Management (ITSM) has been considered globally accepted best practice. The industry experts of this century agree on its value. Why then do some ITSM implementations fail to succeed? Research has concluded that often, the reason for this is a lack of executive commitment.

One of two scenarios is common:

1) failed attempts to gain executive support; or

2) failure to retain support over time.

A corporate environment where the need to change is not demonstrated at the highest levels within the organization erodes the momentum created during the initial implementation and creates diminishing returns. The required cultural change fails to embed itself in the daily ITSM activities.

The reality that has been proven over and over again is that adopting ITSM can mean the difference between survival or extinction of an IT department and often the business itself. ITSM saves money. ITSM is what many of the top performing companies in the world use to manage services.

It's time you knew what they know.

It is likely you could finish this book in the time it takes to commute from the office to your home. The insight and value you will find in these pages will last for many, many more miles.

Key features:

  • Introduction - an overview of the publication's contents, the context of the publication and the intended audience.

  • What's in ITSM for you? Including all the benefits.

  • ITSM Today - Discusses the IT management systems and do you need all of them?

  • The Tools of ITSM - taking a practical approach and where to start.

  • The costs of using ITSM - one time and ongoing costs. Including people, process, products and partners.

Extent 73 pages ISBN 9780117080638
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Format Downloadable PDF Format help (opens in new window) Published 19 Sep 2011
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