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Official Documents Archive: Brexit policy papers

Brexit policy papers from the UK and EU parliaments and resulting UK legislation changes

Keep informed of all Brexit-related amendments to legislation from the start, during the negotiation and after 29 March 2019. Ensure you are aware of discussions and legislative changes relating to customs, trade terms, employment law, competition law and intellectual property law.

Gain access to UK and EU Policy Position Papers and stay up-to-date with the repeal of EU legislation during the negotiation period in the run up to Brexit. The ‘Follow Brexit’ service will enable you to download and access PDFs relating to Brexit in the following areas:


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'Follow Brexit' annual

Legislation (Acts & Statutory instruments)

  • UK Legislation
  • Scottish Legislation
  • Northern Ireland Legislation
  • Welsh Legislation

Command and House Papers

  • Green Papers
  • White Papers
  • Departmental Reports
  • Treaty Series

Policy Position Papers

Parliamentary Publications

  • Bills and amendments

EU negotiating documentation and responses

  • Green Papers
  • White Papers
  • Departmental Reports
  • Treaty Series

The 'Follow Brexit' service offers

  • Flexible and instant online access to download the content of the title, and network across your organisation via TSO’s online library
  • Access via IP address recognition or user name and password
  • PDFs which can be stored on your own servers and downloaded onto remote devices
  • Personal email alerts set up to notify you of new documents as released

For further information or to order, please contact:

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