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Lessons Learned from an Unconventional Design for Lean Six Sigma Deployment

Fowler, Norman E.
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Lessons Learned from an Unconventional D - Front

When companies consider implementing a Design for Lean Six Sigma program, they often rely on a content and deployment recipe similar to their DMAIC Lean Six Sigma program. Though this might work for some companies and situations, we concluded that for replicating Xerox's DMAIC deployment would not meet our product design community culture as well as the captured Voice of the Business and Voice of the Customer requirements. This book outlines how Xerox took an unconventional approach to our Design for Lean Six Sigma content and certification development as well as overall corporate-wide deployment. It captures detailed descriptions of the series of program activities, decisions and lessons learned from our development and deployment of our successful Design for Lean Six Sigma initiative.

Extent 140 pages, black & white illustrations ISBN 9781435708242
Size N/A Price £11.50
Format N/A Published 12 Jun 2008
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