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Balanced Diversity - A Portfolio Approach to Organisational Change

IT Service Management International Ltd
TSO (The Stationery Office)
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Successfully embedding change is one of the biggest challenges faced by organisations. 'Balanced Diversity - A Portfolio Approach to Organisational Change' explores what is meant by organisational culture, looks at the challenges faced by those trying to embed IT Service Management change, and proposes the adoption of a new and innovative framework which provides a portfolio approach.

The framework can be used for strategic, tactical and operational change of all sizes and complexity, and covers:

  • What the challenges are

  • The framework - what is trying to be accomplished

  • The portfolio approach

  • Commitment

  • Expectations

  • Building momentum

  • Application

  • An original work by author based on research from The Network for business Sustainability

  • Provides practical examples for applying the framework and using a portfolio approach to both new and existing IT Service Management change initiatives.

Extent 152 pages ISBN 9780117080607
Size 240mm x 170mm Price £35.00
Format TBC Published 07 Nov 2011
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