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Managing Successful Programmes Book

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Combining rigour and flexibility, MSP helps all organisations – public sector and private, large and small – achieve successful outcomes from their programme management time and time again. With change a pressing reality for all organisations, successful programme management has never been more vital to success. Organisations must respond as new processes or services are introduced, supplier relationships alter and structures adapt to market forces or legislation.

At the same time, all organisations strive to achieve excellence by improving practices, offering better services, preparing more effectively for the future and encouraging innovation. But change always creates new challenges and risks. Inevitably there will be interdependencies to manage and conflicting priorities to resolve as the organisation adapts not just to a new situation internally but to the constantly shifting world outside.

To enable organisations to manage their programmes successfully, they need a structured framework that does two things. It must acknowledge that every programme exists in its own context and demands unique interpretation. At the same time it must be universally applicable. MSP has been developed with these two priorities in mind. Its framework allows users to consistently manage a huge variety of programmes so that they deliver quality outcomes and lasting benefits. Fusing leadership with management best practice, MSP enables organisations to coordinate their key functions, develop a clear sense of unity and purpose and achieve the strategic cohesion necessary to drive through effective change.

Key features:

  • Extensively updated and revised, MSP manual reflects the latest changes and developments in best practice along with practical advice.

  • Simplified structure and new layout highlighting the guidance's key themes.

  • Key changes cover: clearer distinction between programmes and projects; programmes in the context of the overall portfolio of business change; benefits realisation; governance; transformation of the business and transition to operations; stakeholders; leadership; competencies and behaviours.

Find out about the differences between the new 2007 Edition and the previous 2003 Edition.

Download 'Managing Successful Programmes' Contents and Introduction.

Download 'Everything you wanted to know about Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) in less than one thousand words' White Paper by Rod Sowden, author of Managing Successful Programmes.

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