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A Practical Guide to Living in the United Kingdom, 3rd edition (2020 impression)

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This 'Practical Guide to Living in the UK' supports new citizens with the information needed to adjust to everyday life in the UK. It is packed full of information about living and working in the UK and will give readers guidance on how to get by in daily life.

Detailed information on the following topics is included:

  • UK Laws and the legal system - identifies ways in which the law affects people, both before and after arriving in the UK

  • The world of work - details the information needed when trying to find work, advice on being employed and setting up a business

  • Housing - helps with setting up home and the day to day running of a household in the UK

  • Schools and education - gives information to help new residents understand the way education works in the UK and ways to discover what is available in the local area

  • Healthcare in the UK - provides information on what health care is available as a resident of the UK, where to go to seek medical advice and how to register with local GP practices and surgeries

  • Out and about - explains how the transport system works and aspects of the UK beyond the local area

Extent 172 pages ISBN 9780117082762
Size 36.2Mb Price £8.33
Format Downloadable PDF Format help (opens in new window) Published 06 Mar 2015
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