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Discover our huge selection Geography and Earth Science publications for academics and industry professionals, covering a range of environmental interests from ecology and conservation to energy and pollution, cartography, volcanology and much more.

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Cartography, Mapping and Travel white capitalised on blue label over diagramatic  glimpse of earth's northern hemisphere, with 4 book cover examples below. Conservation and Ecology white capitalised text over semi transparent blue label on  thicket of grass with insects  flying around, 4 exmaple book covers are in line below.

Human Geography and Settlement white capitalised text on semi transparent blue label over high-rise residential city sector with 4 exmaple book covers below. Large Scale mapping Services white capitliased text over semi-transparent blue label on three colour road map of urban area with 4 example book covers below.

Physical Geography white capitliased text over semi-transparent blue label on weathered mountainous valley with 4 example book covers below. Pollution and Disaster white capitalised text on a semi-transparent blue lablel over five power station chimneys in low golden sunlight with four book cover images below.


Arboricultural Association

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Publications from the Arboricultural Association are designed to advance the study of arboriculture by raising the standards of its practice and fostering interest in trees.

These titles aim to assist in the training of students in disciplines of arboriculture in co-operation with other bodies that may have similar goals.

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RB209 Fertiliser Manual

RB209 Fertiliser Manual book jacket image link to product page

This manual has been produced for use by agricultural consultants, farmers and their agents and all other individuals and organisations concerned with developing and maintaining a sustainable agricultural industry in England and Wales.

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Poisonous Plants & Fungi

Poisonous Plants and Fungi book jacket image link to product page

Lavishly produced with over 110 new colour photographs, this book gives descriptions of 100 wild and cultivated plants and 30 fungi, and provides details of the poisonous substances and their effects.

Includes comprehensive tables of information on a further 200 wild and cultivated plants and types of 40 fungi.

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