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Service Management ITIL® 2007 (V3)

Service Management ITIL 2007 (V3) PublicationsITIL provides a systematic and professional approach to the management of IT service provision. Based on expert advice and input from users, ITIL guidance is both current and practical, combining the latest thinking with sound common sense and guidance.

Using an holistic approach, ITIL looks at the lifecycle of a project rather than delivery sectors, with core lifecycle practices fully supported by more detailed content specific to industry, stakeholders and practice topics - strengthening the link between best practice and business benefits.

Available titles from the ITIL 2007 (V3) portfolio includes:blue triangle arrow pointing right

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Passing Your ITIL V3 Intermediate Exams Passing Your ITIL V3 Intermediate Exams

This ITIL V3 publication, 'Passing Your ITIL Intermediate Exams - Study Aid from the Official Publisher of ITIL', endorsed by the official ITIL Accreditor, is suitable for candidates taking both the ITIL Service Lifecycle Exams and the Capability Exams.

Published: 16 Feb 2010
Price: £30.00

ISBN: 9780113312436

ITIL V3 Guide to Software Asset Management ITIL V3 Guide to Software Asset Management

Appropriate for anyone involved in the governance, management and use of software assets within an organisation, this title, 'ITIL V3 Guide to Software Asset Management', contains a practical approach to the management of software assets.

Book Book
Published: tbc
Price: £Not known
ISBN: 9780113311064

Also available as:

ITIL V3 Small-Scale Implementation ITIL V3 Small-Scale Implementation

'ITIL V3 Small-Scale Implementation' provides guidance to smaller organisations who wish to implement the ITIL guidance or who are already using it ands wish to improve their IT Service Management.

Book Book
Published: 28 Aug 2009
Price: £40.00
ISBN: 9780113310784

Also available as:

Planning to Implement Service Management Planning to Implement Service Management

This handbook provides advice and guidance to organisations considering implementing service management.

Book Book
Published: 28 Oct 2010
Price: £65.00
ISBN: 9780113311095

Also available as:

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