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Service Level Management and the Service Manager

William Redmond, Job Ten Hagen, Jan Van Bon
TSO (The Stationery Office)
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'Service Level Management and the Service Manager ' is the second book of a series of (initially) six books that provide background considerations, theory, instructions, and practical guidance for setting up organization structures in the context of improvement projects.

This second book in the series repeats and builds on the core chapters from 'Designing and Transforming IT Organizations', applying it to the topic of Service Level Management and the Service Manager."

Service level management is where it all begins. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of common service organizations, but no organization can satisfy its customers if it has no idea of the services it is supposed to be delivering.

Key features:

  • The service level management process and the service manager role are core to managing customer satisfaction. In practice, they often get confused or they are not managed at all. This book explains how to deal with both of them in a consistent and practical way.

  • Failure of IT service management projects has often been due to organizational issues. There are lots of books about ITSM, but almost none about the organizational issues of implementation projects. This book builds on the knowledge of many experts from all over the world, on theory, and extensive practice of two decades of ITSM and ITIL.

  • If you want to implement a management structure, a methodical approach has great advantages. This book offers a coherent set of concepts and terminology, including roles, role structures, job descriptions, processes, tasks, responsibility, authority, profession, skills, responsibility matrices (RACI), human factors, Attitude/Behavior/Culture (ABC), separation of duties, conflict of interests, etc.

Extent TBC ISBN 9780117081864
Size TBC Price £45.00
Format Paperback Published 14 May 2013
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