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An Executive Guide to Portfolio Management


TSO (The Stationery Office)
Price: £9.95

Updated in line with the 2011 Edition, 'An Executive Guide to Portfolio Management PDF' is about Portfolio Management and is specifically aimed at senior executives - the subject is discussed from a strategic perspective.

This guide will help you understand how Portfolio Management can assist in addressing the challenges you and an organization face and how to respond to the demands for more customer focused service.

A PDF allows for easy access while you're on the move:

  • Single user

  • Non-networkable

  • Basic downloadable PDF: searchable with a bookmarking function.

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Key features:

  • A pocket-sized guide to key facts about portfolio management

  • An overview of what it is, its benefits and how it works

  • Explains role of portfolio management in prioritizing investment decisions

  • 'Real life' examples of portfolio management in practice

  • Health check with questions to ask about current capabilities and needs.

Alternative formats

Extent 58 pages ISBN 9780113313778
Size 3.6Mb Price £9.95
Format Downloadable PDF Format help (opens in new window) Published 18 Jul 2012
Availability Available Immediately Availability help (opens in new window)

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