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ISO/IEC 20000

ISO and IEC LogosISO/IEC 20000 (formerly BS 15000) is a standard setting out the requirements for an IT Service Management System.

It consists of two parts: A specification which defines the requirements for an organization to deliver managed services of an acceptable quality for its customers and a code of practice which describes the best practices for Service Management processes within the scope of ISO/IEC 20000.

The standard is based on the best practice foundation of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) from the Office of Government Commerce (OGC). ISO/IEC 20000 introduces a service culture and provides the methodologies to deliver services that meet defined business requirements and priorities in a manageable way. It also:

  • Specifies a number of closely related service management processes
  • Identifies that relationships exist between these processes, and that these relationships will be dependent on their application within an organization
  • Provides guideline objectives and controls to enable an organization to deliver managed services

ISO/IEC 20000 specifies five key groups' service management processes:

  • Service Delivery Processes - including Service Level Management, Availability Management and Capacity Management

  • Relationship Processes - those involving the interfaces between the service provider and both customers and suppliers

  • Resolution Processes - those focused on incidents being resolved or prevented

  • Control Processes - those involved with managing changes, assets and configurations

  • Release Process - looking at the roll-out of new or changed software/hardware.

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