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The ISM Method

ISM is a method for managing your service organization. The ISM Method delivers, integrates and provides access to the means needed by the IT manager for accommodating and managing the organization. Using ISM, the management organization can easily and efficiently determine what needs to be done, when it should be done, who should do it and which resources are required. ISM is used in practice to manage the step-by-step application of best practices described in ITIL, COBIT, ASL, BiSL, and other reference models, in a pre-formatted way, focusing on the structural improvement of organizational capabilities. The ISM Method consists of 3 components.

The ISM Framework, which can be accessed through the ISM plug-in and contains:

  • a compact process model consisting of only six processes, based on ITIL and ASL
  • the organization of the helpdesk tool, which is fully derived from the process model
  • templates for procedures that fit in with the process model
  • links to roles and functions
  • templates for reporting All these resources are interconnected which facilitates navigation in the ISM plug-in.

The ISM Implementation Method:

  • a quick standard installation, with preformatted decisions and coaching
  • coaching for management and staff in applying ISM
  • a structured growth towards working process oriented

ISM Support

  • training and ISM games: in house or open courses
  • back office support
  • online knowledge exchange between process managers from different organizations using ISM
  • process managers meetings for exchanging knowledge and experiences
  • constant updates with ISM resources developed within organizations using ISM
  • the book "The ISM Method"

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