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Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2® (Italian Translation)

5th Edition

Office of Government Commerce (OGC)
TSO (The Stationery Office)
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'Managing Successful Project with PRINCE2 (Italian Translation)' provides a universally applicable project management method - the principles, processes and techniques that enable individuals and organizations to successfully deliver their projects within time, cost and quality constraints.

Managing Successful Projects With PRINCE2 forms part of a pair of publications that are the result of the PRINCE2: 2009 Project to update the PRINCE2 guidance. Its companion is Directing Successful Projects With PRINCE2.

The title has been designed to be a role specific handbook for Project Managers, Team Managers and Project Support.

The 5th edition includes...

  • Explains the principles that underpin PRINCE2

  • Describes the PRINCE2 processes in their entirety

  • Describes 'Key Themes' of project management, specific to PRINCE2, that are required for the processes to be effective

  • Cross-references techniques that may be applied

  • Explains how to tailor the method

  • Provides context of when and how to use PRINCE2 for different project environments (e.g. standalone or as part of a programme).

Like the 4th edition guidance, this publication contains chapters on Starting Up a Project, Directing a Project, Initiating a Project, Controlling a Stage, Managing Product Delivery, Managing Stage Boundary and Closing a Project. In addition, the guidance also looks at the wider role of the Project Manager, including soft skills of the project manager; leading and managing; stakeholder engagement and communication planning; organizational change management; PRINCE2 in different types of organization and cultures; and training needs for project teams.

Key features:

  • Includes real world examples and illustrations in each chapter

  • Contains extensive appendices on the following topics:

    • Product Descriptions

    • Governance

    • Role Definitions - Responsibilities and typical competencies by role

    • Product Based Planning example

    • Health Check

  • Contains a list of further information

  • Glossary - Definition of acronyms and terms used.

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Extent 342 pages ISBN 9780113313013
Size 280 x 216mm Price £75.00
Format Paperback Published 15 Mar 2011
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