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MSP® Survival Guide for Programme Managers


Rod Sowden, Geof Leigh
TSO (The Stationery Office)

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Price: £45.00

This guide specifically addresses responsibilities within the programme. MSP Survival Guide for Programme Managers helps to explain what you need to do and why, then provides guidance on how to do it using real-life examples. In particular, it focuses on developing and implementing the processes and supporting techniques that are needed to control the programme.

Key Features

  • Based on the responsibilities of the programme manager

  • Defines the roles of the people in programme management

  • Each topic is correlated to relevant text from MSP, providing hints tips and examples throughout

  • Includes governance, benefits, risk, planning, leadership and stakeholder management and setting strategies

  • Provides specific practical advice on how to be effective, something the main MSP title cannot

  • Written by experienced authors in Rod Sowden, lead author of Managing Successful Programmes and Geof Leigh, who wrote the programme management maturity model for the latest version of P3M3

Written simply, this title brings to life the reality of delivering a programme using MSP. Extracts from the main MSP manual are used to explain key concepts, followed by a description of how this applies to your role.

Alternative formats

Extent 204 pages ISBN 9780113314799
Size 7.3Mb Price £45.00
Format PDF Format help (opens in new window) Published 15 Mar 2016
Availability Available Immediately Availability help (opens in new window)

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