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Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices - P3O®

P3O is best practice guidance from AXELOS. It was published in November 2008 and is accompanied by a qualification scheme.

The official P3O portfolio includes:

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Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices: P3O - 2013 Edition

Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O ) describes how to build effective governance structures for managing portfolios, programmes and projects that is tailored to the needs of the organisation.



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Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices Pocketbook 2013

The pocketbook introduces the principles, processes and techniques that will enable individuals and organizations to successfully establish develop and maintain appropriate support structures.



Pack of 10 - Books

Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O) Study Guide (2008)

This Study Guide is a handy reference aid suitable for the P3O Qualification scheme. The aid covers the Foundation/Practitioner qualification(s). Its purpose is to provide supporting information to candidates to help them take the P3O qualification.



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