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Portfoilio Management - Additional Titles

The Standard for Portfolio ManagementThe Standard for Portfolio Management book jacket

Portfolio management is an integral part of an organization's overall strategic plan. While project and program management continue to focus on "doing the work right," portfolio management maintains a concern with "doing the right work."

'The Standard for Portfolio Management - Third Edition' offers the most up to date information regarding accepted practices in portfolio management and includes new material.

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Effectiveness in Project Portfolio ManagementEffectiveness in Project Portfolio Management book jacket

More and more, project managers are being tasked with managing multiple projects within an organization, which can take the form of a project portfolio. Managing this portfolio effectively is key to the success of the organization... and the project manager.

Join project management researcher-practitioners from Pennsylvania State University and the Stevens Institute of Technology as they go inside five different organizations from across the business spectrum in search of the answers to the substantial questions about truly effective project portfolio management.

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