Security Code

Asking our customers to type in a distorted code helps us prevent automated programs from gaining unauthorised access to accounts. When you type in the numbers and letters you see in the picture, this confirms that a person, rather than an automated program, is trying to access the page.

What do I have to do?

All that is required is for you to match the characters in the picture. Look at the numbers and letters in the picture, and then type them in the 'code' box below the picture.

Note: The letters are not case sensitive (you can use either capitals or lower-case letters). Do not type spaces between the numbers and letters.

What if I get the code wrong?

In some instances you might inadvertently type an incorrect character. If this happens, and you have 'submitted' the wrong code, you will simply be asked to try again by typing in a new set of characters.

What if I cannot easily read the characters?

If you can't read one or more of the letters or numbers either select the refresh icon to change the code, or select the 'speak the code' icon to listen to an audio recording of characters.

You may close this window once you are finished with it.