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Adopting Service Governance: Governing Portfolio Value for Sound Corporate Citizenship

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Adopting Service Governance provides a useful umbrella for a number of frameworks including ITIL®, TOGAF®, COBIT®, ITSM, BSM, Business Analysis, Programme Management, Management of Value, Management of Portfolios and Management of Risk by establishing the top-down governance of an organisation through services.

Key features:

  • The purpose of the book is to bring service governance to the attention of boards to encourage the use of ITIL best practice, not just for IT service management but for business service governance

  • The publication is intended to be a short and readable guide prescribing how a governing body should be adopted by an organization and how to establish the effectiveness of the adoption

  • A complementary title to the ITIL suite.

This publication shows how the IT service metaphor enables governance. It shows how ITIL, as a fundamental framework, supports service governance. It also includes references to MoR®, MoV®, MSP® and MoP® where appropriate.

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Extent N/A ISBN 9780113314652
Size 216 X 216mm Price £35.00
Format Paperback Published 11 Aug 2015
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