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ITIL® Maturity Model and Self-Assessment Service: High-Level Self-Assessment Online Subscription

Author: AXELOS
Publisher: TSO (The Stationery Office)

The ITIL Maturity Model: high-level self-assessment service is a free one month trial subscription online service that provides you with an indication of an organizations' process maturity overall, including areas of strength and weakness in application of the ITIL framework.

It offers you access to a reduced set of questions for each process and function across the 30 questionnaires. In total, each assessment consists of about 50 questions.

To access the full set of questions, receive a detailed breakdown of what the maturity score means and how the score could be improved, save your results and track improvements, you can subscribe to the ITIL Maturity Model: full self-assessment .

To set up your free one month trial subscription service access to the ITIL Maturity Model: high-level self-assessment service, please contact our digital sales team on; telephone +44 1603 696675 - email

This video outlines the different uses and components of the ITIL Maturity Model Subscriptions:

For further details on the ITIL maturity model and self-assessment service, the user guide is available to download.

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