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Cyber Security and Resilience - Additional Titles

Information Security Management PrinciplesInformation Security Management Principles - Cover

This book provides significant first steps along the path of dealing with information assurance in a realistic and comprehensive manner. The second edition has been expanded to include the security of cloud-based resources. The remainder of the contents have been reviewed and reordered to reflect the changes to the BCS Certification in Information Security Management Principles which the book supports.


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GFI Network Security and PCI Compliance Power ToolsGFI Network Security and PCI book jacket image

Today all companies, U.S. federal agencies, and non-profit organizations have valuable data on their servers that needs to be secured. One of the challenges for IT experts is learning how to use new products in a time-efficient manner, so that new implementations can go quickly and smoothly. Learning how to set up sophisticated products is time-consuming, and can be confusing.

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