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Business and IT Management - Additional Titles

Principles of Data ManagementPrinciples of Data Management - cover

The book is aimed at all those involved with data management, including IT/IS and business managers, consultants, and business analysts, as well as data management practitioners from all business sectors. This new edition covers web technology and its relation to databases and includes material on the management of master data.


Business Analysis TechniquesBusiness Analysis Techniques

This new edition provides 99 possible techniques and practical guidance on how and when to apply them. It complements Business Analysis also published by BCS, and offers a more detailed description of the techniques used in business analysis, together with practical advice on their application.


Business AnalysisBusiness Analysis cover

Business analysts must respond to the challenges of today's highly competitive global economy by developing practical, creative and financially sound solutions and this excellent guide gives them the necessary tools.


The BRMP® Guide to the BRM Body of Knowledge The BRMP Guide to the BRM Body of Knowledge


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