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An Executive Guide to PRINCE2 Agile®


TSO (The Stationery Office)
Price: £9.95

This executive guide to PRINCE2 Agile® uncovers the benefits of applying PRINCE2® with an agile approach to product development and delivery. The result is an organization that understands and controls its investment while also harnessing innovation.

Key benefits:

  • Provides detailed guidance on how to apply PRINCE2 when managing projects in an agile context where it is essential to have the basics of good project management in place;

  • Builds on the strengths of PRINCE2 and shows how PRINCE2 Agile can benefit organizations; and

  • Includes coverage of the PRINCE2 core principles and an introduction to PRINCE2 Agile.

The guide outlines the value of well-run projects to organizations. It explains how PRINCE2 Agile maximises achievable benefits by combining the management within PRINCE2 with the flexible delivery approach provided by agile development techniques.

Taking advantage of PRINCE2's inherent tailorability, PRINCE2 Agile combines the flexibility and responsiveness of agile delivery with the proven best-practice framework of PRINCE2.

Alternative formats

Extent 42 pages ISBN 9780113315406
Size 140 X 108mm Price £9.95
Format Paperback Published 31 Aug 2017
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