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MoV® Publication Reviews

MoV is the core guidance for people who are charged with maximizing the value of resources invested to get the best financial and non-financial benefits from programmes and projects.

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Management of Value - Publication Review by Peter Brooks (FISM), Independent Service Management Consultant and Trainer

When two approaches, from completely different directions, end up at much the same solution, it is a good indication that it is a good one! It's difficult to tell the difference between a Swallow and a Swift; they have adapted so amazingly well to the same niche. You'd think that they were closely related. However, Swallows belong to the biggest order of birds, Passeriformes, the passerine, 'perching' or 'songbirds' - whilst Swifts belong to the quite different order Apodiformes. So it seems with the Management of Value (MoV) and ITIL. ...more

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