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MoP® Publication Reviews

MoP describes the principles and best-practices to enable public and private sector organizations of all sizes to either introduce or re-energize portfolio management approaches.

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Management of Portfolios - Publication Review by Michelle Rowland, Director, A&J Project Management Ltd

Many organizations have invested heavily in developing project and even programme management processes and standards. They have also trained their staff in project and programme management. Both of these are important steps to delivering programmes and projects right. ...more

Management of Portfolios - Publication Review by Narinder Dhaliwal, Director, NT Training and Consulting Limited

The first thing that struck me about the guide was how well it was presented in an easy to use, well structured format. Within the first chapter (introduction) I knew exactly what the book was going to give me and who it was aimed at. Chapter 2 gave me a good grounding in what to expect and how to go about implementing MoP....more

Management of Portfolios - Publication Review by Melanie Franklin, CEO of Maven Training

The MoP guide is a book whose time has come. I have been working for the last year with an increasing number of organizations desperate to get a grip on their investment in all of their projects, programmes and change initiatives. The economic conditions are such that organizations need to review the ideas they are commissioning against their available resources, and ensure that there is a universally applied mechanism for assessing which ones are approved and which ones are good ideas, but not really mission critical. This guide provides an easy to follow structure for doing just that. The simplicity of the 5 steps involved in defining the portfolio (understand, categorize, prioritize, balance and plan) are comprehensively explained, with some good examples of techniques and approaches that can be practically applied. ...more

MoP - adds wisdom to managing change - Management of Portfolios Review by Graham Devine, Managing Director, Adjunct Limited

The latest OGC best-practice guide addresses this big question – does your organization know which changes (programmes and projects) it should be undertaking today, tomorrow and those it should support for the future? Its primary aim is to support those with strategic or change portfolio responsibility make appropriate change investment decisions in a logical, transparent and efficient way – and it exposes some very powerful means to do this at low cost. The focus on 'strategy' does not limit MoP to senior management and top-level governance people....more

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