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ITIL® Publication Reviews

ITIL provides a systematic and professional approach to the management of IT service provision. Based on expert advice and input from users, ITIL guidance is both current and practical, combining the latest thinking with sound common sense and guidance.

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ITIL 2011 Edition

ITIL Lifecycle Suite - Publication Review by Project Mentor, Shirley Lacy

Business and technology change continues to advance rapidly. In 2007, ITIL recognized the emerging trends towards governance of IT, risk management, standardization, globalization, sustainability and different sourcing strategies. Since 2007, when the ITIL Service Lifecycle books were published, trends have continued to emerge and the ITIL update incorporates the latest thinking. ...more

ITIL Service Strategy - Publication Review by David Cannon

'ITIL Service Strategy' provides guidance on the importance for all organizations of a well defined business strategy, underpinned by an effective IT strategy. ITIL Service Strategy is the starting point in the ITIL service lifecycle, setting the vision, direction and many of the goals, objectives, policies, requirements and targets for the other lifecycle stages and the processes and functions within them....more

ITIL Service Design - Publication Review by Lou Hunnebeck

'ITIL Service Design' provides guidance for the design of appropriate and innovative IT services to meet current and future agreed business requirements. It describes the principles of service design and looks at identifying, defining and aligning the IT solution with the business requirement. It also introduces the concept of the service design package and looks at selecting the appropriate service design model. This publication covers the methods, practices and tools to achieve excellence in service design. It discusses the fundamentals of the design processes and attends to what are called the 'five aspects of service design'....more

ITIL Service Operation - Publication Review by Randy Steinberg

'Service Operation' is where the business finally realizes the value of their IT investments. It achieves this by delivering IT services to the business, customers and users day-to-day, ensuring that quality levels agreed with them are met or exceeded. IT delivery organizations face many challenges with this objective. Whether to focus more on being proactive versus being reactive, delivering high quality while reducing costs, or focusing on stability versus responsiveness to the business - all present a delicate balancing act that occurs every day....more

ITIL Service Transition - Publication Review by Stuart Rance

'ITIL Service Transition' provides guidance on how to manage many different kinds of transition. Following this guidance will help to ensure that the requirements from service strategy, developed in service design, are effectively realized in service operation while controlling the risks of failure and subsequent disruption....more

ITIL Continual Service Improvement - Publication Review by Vernon Lloyd

'ITIL Continual Service Improvement' provides guidance for the identification of improvement opportunities in all aspects of the service lifecycle. Feedback from any stage of the service lifecycle can be used to identify improvement opportunities for any other stage of the lifecycle. ITIL Continual Service Improvement also looks at the changing business outcome requirements and suggests how these requirements can be met by the delivery of ever increasing quality IT services....more

Introduction to the ITIL Service Lifecycle, 'The Missing ITIL Manual You Always Wanted' - Publication Review by David Norfolk

'Introduction to the ITIL Service Lifecycle' introduces IT service management and ITIL. It summarises the best practices described in the 2011 editions' core guidance, explaining the basic concepts of ITIL and providing information on each stage of the service lifecycle.

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ITIL 2007 Edition

Collaborative Consulting - Publication Review by Ivor Macfarlane

I have just read through the newest book to carry the official ITIL logo: Collaborative Consulting by Peter Brooks. First of all let me say I liked it - and I think it will be a valuable source of sound common sense to many making the jump into consultancy in our industry....more

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