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itSMF International Partner page

itSMF LogoThe itSMF is the only truly independent and internationally recognized forum for IT Service Management professionals worldwide.

This not-for-profit organization is a prominent player in the on-going development and promotion of IT Service Management 'best practice' standards and qualifications and has been since 1991, when the UK Chapter commenced as the foundation Chapter.

It consists of a controlling and co-ordinating body - itSMF International - and a rapidly growing number of national chapters around the globe, each with a large degree of autonomy but adhering to a common code of conduct.

itSMF's community is currently comprised of 52 international chapters. Each of these chapters essentially runs itself, with guidance and support from the international body. Whilst there are variations in products and services across the chapters, the core principles remain the same and the offerings of each chapter drive towards a common end goal - providing thought leadership and promoting excellence in the practice of IT Service Management.

Further details, and links to local chapters can be found at (opens in new window).

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