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Jennifer Arcuri

Cybersecurity-ethical hacking goes mainstream

11 July 2019

By Jennifer Arcuri

It goes without saying that we (governments, corporates, and civilians) need to wake up.

Justin Kitchener

Learn & adapt with ITIL 4 - Why stories matter!

04 June 2019

By Justin Kitchener

What does ITIL 4 have to do with the eternal, human practice of storytelling?

Peter Brooks

Achieving excellence through service governance

25 March 2019

By Peter Brooks

Achieving excellence for an organization has never been easy. However, recent insights in service governance have provided a clearer understanding of how to go about achieving it.

Jace Finman

ITIL® 4 review: A revolution in service management

18 February 2019

By Jace Finman

I first became a trainer when ITIL was in version 2. Back then, it was a relatively simple framework. The training consisted of two core books, Service Support and Service Delivery, and 11 topics were split between them.

Mark Haddad

A framework for customer satisfaction

17 July

By Mark Haddad

Given that one of the main principles behind the promotion of ITIL processes is that the IT service is there to support the business and all it is trying to do, then it's surprising that today, poor customer service still exists.

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