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Darren Arcangel

Seven steps to continuous service improvement (and how to integrate CSI into a scrum framework)

06 October

By Darren Arcangel

In the IT universe, we have continuous integration, continuous testing, continuous delivery, continuous deployment and continuous service improvement, just to name a few. The overall intent is to automate as much as possible to reduce risk and, yes, bring continuous business value.

Helen Beal

Getting started with DevOps

01 September

By Helen Beal

Helen Beal helps organizations to embrace DevOps philosophies to influence their IT culture and behaviours. Here, she explains what a DevOps future looks like, and where to start on your own DevOps journey.

Rod Sowden

Lessons Learned

01 August

By Rod Sowden

In general, lessons learned are rarely actually learned. Research and general knowledge about what causes programme and project failure has abounded for years, yet the same things keep happening. So, what can we do to help?

Jim Bolton

Proactive problem management: a fundamental shift in emphasis

01 July

By Jim Bolton

As organizations mature, proactive problem management should become a major focus. It reduces reactive work, and reduces potential outages and their impact. Yet few organizations perform proactive activities, because they find it hard to quantify benefits. The perception is that it fixes potential outages, not 'real' ones.

Steve Messenger

An Interview with Steve Messenger

01 June

By IBP Team

Steve Messenger is the current Chairman of the Dynamic Systems Development Method Consortium (DSDM), a role that entails setting the strategy for DSDM and leading the DSDM Board of Directors. We caught up with Steve, to discuss career progression, life at work, and life outside of work.

Susanne Madsen

How to set yourself up for success with a positive and empowering mindset

01 May

By Susanne Madsen

As you continue on your journey towards becoming a better project manager and leader, you may be considering which habits to kick and which habits to start embracing. But you're probably also aware that your good intentions and new habits may not stick.

Phyllis Drucker

Service management online: the importance of a good foundation

01 April

By Phyllis Drucker

Why should you care about foundation data when establishing a service request catalogue? Because good foundation data is critical to your customer experience!

Doug Tedder

The rescue for your change management process

01 March 2017

By Doug Tedder

In an IT service management (ITSM) implementation, the change management process functions in a similar way to air traffic control. The change management process oversees the lifecycle of each change, to ensure that each change is coordinated and follows a defined plan.

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